Qualities of an Ideal Criminal Lawyer

Sometimes, we cannot avoid breaking the law. We, at one time or another, could be on the wrong side of the law. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you will need to hire a criminal law firm to represent you in the courtroom. The success and winning your case will depend on the type of legal team you choose and appoint. Therefore, here are the top tips that will help you identify the best criminal law Adelaide specialist for your case.


The number of years in which a particular lawyer has been operation creates an excellent platform to rule out other lawyers in representing your case. Even though hiring a brand new law firm might be cheap or charge less, they might not provide the best results possible, for your situation. You will need a criminal lawyer that has been around in existence and have resolved some cases. Therefore, when you put experience at the forefront of choosing your lawyer, you will find the best legal representation.

Courtroom representation

Criminal cases are engaging and will require more time in the courts. Whether it is for hearing the charges being read to plead guilty or not, your presence is crucial. During the trial, your criminal lawyer will have to address the judge, speak to the prosecutor and most importantly present evidence before the jury. Your presence in the courts forms a reasonable ground for winning your case. If the criminal lawyer you choose does not attend court proceedings, this could negatively ruin your case. You, therefore, need a trustworthy legal team.

Track Record

Before settling on a given legal team, you will have to consider their performance in the different cases they have represented. Your representation, winning and getting a plea bargain, will highly depend on the lawyer you choose. If the team has had success in most of the clients they have represented, there’s a probable outcome that you too would win the case. Additionally, a good track record will help elicit confidence.

The reputation of the law firm

The image and reputation of the legal firm which you choose speak volumes. Customer satisfaction and individualised service to customers form an excellent quality in the type of legal firm you want. Before settling for any criminal law Adelaide specialist, be sure to ask family, friends and neighbours who have been represented by the attorneys before.

After reviewing the qualities of excellent criminal law, you will be able to find a reliable and professional legal expert to represent your case.